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Wheeling in the gilded light of sunset
pigeons loop in chaotic unison
as the year wanes to its end.

A maneuver for survival, they are
intent on confusing the red tail hawk.
Their Mobius flight with serial switchbacks
percusses the air between buildings
up and down 238th street.
The rose-tipped brush of the Sun dapples
the swoosh of their wings with Hope.
Fluttering luminosity—safety deployed by Light—
promotes their prosperity, as the hawk
wings its way above them toward the Hudson,
his shadow traversing their trajectories.

The 5 Bs Juried Exhibit
March 29-May 2, 2015
The Wayne Art Center
Wayne, PA

Selected for Special Merit Award
All Photography Exhibition
Light Space & Time Online Gallery
February 2015

Sunset Wheeling at Year's End
Sunset Wheeling at Year's End
Digital Collage
17" x 11"